Show 99: Herb Lab – It’s the Berries! Medicinal Fruit at It’s Best.

Medicinal Summer Berries

Berries! Medicinal Fruit at its Best.

Summer is here and the Practical Herbalist team is preparing for the berry harvest. Each fruit is a little bit different. The team shares its tips and tricks for freezing and preserving berries and other small fruits such as raspberries, strawberries, elderberries, blueberries, plums, and grapes. We cover alternative ways to grow strawberries as a hanging plant.

Don’t forget the glories of vinegar! There is more than pickle making options for using this easy to make treat. Take note as the team shares how to make your own delicious vinegar from nature’s harvest. Both Patrick and Candace share secrets in using vinegar to marinade meat so you can bring out the best in your next beefy cut.

Chick Chat this week includes our gossip on managing backyard chickens and geese with a garden of edibles. Sue and Candace always jump at the chance to tell stories about their little-feathered rascals. Upcoming podcasts will include stories of the new baby ducks!

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