Ancestral Living Skills

We discussed our early learning experiences with herbs and primitive living skills we have learned through our relatives and teachers along with wildcrafting ethics.

We answered a question from Melissa M. on poisonous mushrooms and the plants that grow in their territory.


Peter McCoy and Radical Mycology

Anna Bradley

Anna primarily works behind the scenes building relationships with our supporters, donors, and volunteers to interconnect our community with Whole Earth’s core mission.

Anna has a BA from the University of Oregon in Anthropology with an emphasis in Archaeology. She began studying herbalism and botany in 2011 with the Columbine’s School of Botanical Studies where she is now the acting Clinical Director. Over the past 10 years she is studied naturalist and survival skills through the Tracker School and Wilderness Awareness School’s Kamana Studies Program.

Anna is most at home when in nature. Her childhood was spent outdoors in Eastern Oregon wandering the forests berry picking, mushrooming, wood cutting, and listening to the voices of nature guide her. Today she leads nature and plant walks privately and with other organizations such as Mount Pisgah and Mountain Rose Herbs.

Anna weaves nature connection closely with music, improv, and healthy life-styles. She is passionate about bringing humans closer to their natural connections to encourage positive emotional, mental, and physical relationships with the environment, humans, and ourselves.


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