5.An Interview with Alese “Dandy” Colehour the Herbal Fermenter

Today, we’re going to be talking with Alese Colehour, known in the herbal world as Dandy. She’s a local herbalist here in the Eugene area who runs Dandy’s Pantry, a micro-herbal practice offering locally sourced, seasonal herbals for community, including Occupy Medical.

Herbs in the News

The Herb Research Foundation published an article entitled “Anti-diabetic Potential of Nettles and Walnut Leaves” on August 26, 2014. We discussed the ramifications of the study’s results for Americans with diabetes and pre-diabetes conditions. We looked at the original study published by the Iranian Journal of Basic Medicinal Science as well as the National Diabetes Statistics Report by the Center for Disease Control.

Herbal 101

Herbalists use a variety of terms to describe the properties of herbs. We discussed the common question, “Did you key that plant out?” and Identification keys for mushrooms and other herbs and how they’re used by herbalists.

  • Herbal Saurkraut
  • Fermented herbals
  • Infused honey
  • Juicing herbs
  • Cassava Beer
  • Herbs in the Doula world
  • Ethnobotany and cultural herbalism

To contact Dandy, email herbaldandy@gmail.com.

Alese “Dandy” Colehour

Alese Colehour (“Dandy”) is an ethnobotanist and herbalist with training from the University of Oregon and the Academy of Scottish Herbalism. She is a clinical herbalist with Occupy Medical and creates goodies for patients out of her apothecary, “Dandy’s Pantry.” While she tries to spend most of her time with plants, she is also active with local organizations including Radical Mycology, Cascadia Forest Defenders, and the Rewild Cascadia Collective. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Biological Anthropology at the University of Oregon, specializing in microbial dynamics of wild fermentation. Contact: herbal.dandy@gmail.com

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