Podcast Show 153: Herb Lab – Recovering from Trauma in our Community

There are many rumors circulating in the herbal community that speak of trauma. Whether you are directly involved with the issues or not, these stories which land so close to home, have a effect on us. Sue and Candace talk about some of these stores and try to apply the guidance provided by Amanda Dilday, author of Flowers for a Girl : Plant Medicine for Sexual Trauma. Amanda is also the founder and a teacher at the Alchemilla’s School of Embodied Herbalism in South Carolina.

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  • Lawn Daisy
  • Cleavers
  • Tulip Poplar
  • Rose
  • Ghost Pipe
  • Violet
  • Amanita Mushroom
  • Flower Essence
  • Borage
  • Lady’s Mantle
  • Zinnia
Amanda Dilday, is the author of Flowers for a Girl: Plant Medicine and Sexual Trauma in which she combines herbalism and poetry in a memoir form. Amanda lives and teaches at the school she founded Alchemilla’s School of Embodied Medicine in South Carolina.

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