Podcast Show 140: Plants for Protection and Grief with Ashley Litecky-Ellenbas

Grief and Trauma are a natural and truly healthy part of the human experience but not when they get stuck in our lives or in our bodies. As herbalists, we are often called on to help the grieving process to move forward naturally to help heal body, mind and spirit. Today, we’re talking with  Ashley Litecky-Ellenbas, registered herbalist, yoga teacher, and owner of Sky House Yoga about the natural approaches to grief and protection.

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Ashley Litecky-Ellenbas

Ashley Litecky Elenbaas (MS, RH) is a clinical herbalist, registered yoga teacher and director of Sky House Yoga in Silver Spring, Maryland. Her donation-based wellness collective includes regular classes, a well stocked apothecary, workshops and an apprenticeship program.  Ashley holds an MS in Clinical Herbalism from Maryland University of Integrative Health, where she graduated from in 2007 and is a professional member, active board member, and registered herbalist.

You can find Ashley at:

Sky House Yoga


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