Show 118: 2nd Annual Book Lover’s Review

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, winter is the time for rest and introspection. We herbalists sorely need a break from the activity of fall’s harvest and root digging. Instead, we are spending this season digging into a good book. Today, we’re talking about our favorite books for rest, introspection and herbal inspiration.

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The Real Herbalism Radio team

Patrick Hunter, Candace Hunter and Sue Sierralupe started The Practical Herbalist website in 2008 as a way to offer usable herbal and homesteading information to the general public. They expanded their outreach by adding Real Herbalism Radio podcast a few years later. They have published a growing number of ebooks on herbs in both fiction and nonfiction formats. Sue and Candace are teachers and public speakers on herbal medicine while Patrick, our tech wizard, helps keep us in line.

Books Etc.

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