The Practical Herbalist team’s interview with Christina Sanchez – cosmetologist, herbalist, and founder of Every Leaf Speaks prompted them to create more skin care products. Although this topic is not a speciality for any of the crew, they stepped out of their comfort zone to explore the world of beauty care. So much has changed in world of skin products over the last few decades. The range of natural and cruelty-free products is expanding as the general public refines their standards for what is attractive and healthy both personally and globally.

The delicate balance that herbs of the desert hold in their challenging environment offers a lesson in caution when using botanical treasures. We are wise to savor these medicine from desert plants like chaparral in moderation. A little goes a long way.

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A new study was released about the high level of antioxidants with potential anti-aging properties in common grocery store mushrooms. The links to the Penn State study are explained and referred to in Science Daily’s November 17, 2017 article.

Christina Sanchez

Christina Sanchez is an herbalist and licensed cosmetologist who lives in Joshua Tree, California. She is the founder of the herbal product company, Every Leaf Speaks and owns and operates Christina Sanchez Hair Design and is a high desert environmental activist.

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Twitter – @speaksleaf

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