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Let’s Talk Series: Plaedo – Homemade Seed Paper

The multi-talented Plaedo spends a few minutes with Herbal Nerd Society members walking them through a family-friendly seed paper making project. It is easy, fun and recycles paper scraps and flower or herb seeds into beautiful writing paper for cards, stationary or gifts. Activist, gardener, poet and musician Plaedo encourages you to “plant your poetry and watch it grow”!

Jasun “Plaedo” Wellman

Jasun “Plaedo” Wellman is a community organizer, educator, gardener, and artist. In a society where too many people report feelings of disconnection, depression, and disease, Plaedo discovered a practical remedy in gardening. Inspired by the discovery that the simple act of gardening could strengthen communities, increase health and joy, and benefit the environment, he co-founded the Eugene Avant Gardeners, a organization and movement dedicated to cultivating sustainable and resilient food networks. Avant Gardening is an aesthetic and ecological approach to gardening that seeks to cultivate a fun, sustainable culture change to meet the demands of climate change. Plaedo continues to use art and gardening as educating tools aimed at creating productive and flourishing communities.




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