Mushrooms, Cancer and the Myths Surrounding Them with Jeff Chilton Part of the Let’s Talk Series

Mushrooms are such wonderful healers that they have been the center of mythology on their healing powers. When it comes to terrifying diseases like cancer, this fear combines with hope for a cure. Used properly, mushroom are excellent tools in cancer treatment which makes it all more important to know the truth about what mushrooms can and can’t do. Mycology pioneer, Jeff Chilton takes the microphone to bust these myths so we can be better herbalists.

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Jeff Chilton

Jeff Chilton founded Nammex Organic Mushroom Extract Company in 1989 after more than a decade of growing, researching and collecting medicinal mushrooms. He is the co-author of the book, The Mushroom Cultivator, which still stands as a mushroom grower’s Bible. Jeff has built a connection with researchers and mushroom growers around the world to expand knowledge about his beloved fungal friends.

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