Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee

There is an art to everything. Once you discover the secret to bringing out the subtle flavor in your daily cup of coffee –Coffea arabica (Arabica) or Coffea canephora (Robusta) , your morning becomes a magical ritual. Coffee aficionado, Okun Udosenata, shares the simple  but precise steps that the professionals use to enhance a cup of java.

This process, known as a “pour over” is easy to duplicate in any kitchen with just a few tools: a thermometer, a cup, a bean grinder, a cone, a filter and a kitchen scale are the common objects for this ritual which will turn your coffee from average to exquisite. Not only does the “pour over” make delicious coffee, it helps unlock the antioxidants within the coffee grounds. This is just one more justification to pamper yourself.

To make a 10 oz cup of coffee add 20 grams (by weight) of coffee grounds to 300 grams (by weight) of water which is between 196-2015 degrees. Remember to warm the cup and the cone. The delight is in the details!

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