206. Magic of Plant Medicine with Maia Toll

The Magic of Plant Medicine is that it helps us dive deep, sour high, and generally figure ourselves out one way or another. Sometimes, the path can look like a global hike through wilderness and deep urban living that opens us to new adventures and ways of living or being we never imagined possible.

Today, we’re talking with Maia Toll, Author of The Illustrated Herbiary and The Illustrated Bestiary and founder of The Herbiary in Philadelphia and in Asheville, North Carolina about apprenticing with the plants ad the many twists and turns the Herbal Life can yield.

Jamie Scepkowski

Jamie Scepkowski is an herbalist, medic and owner of a small herbal apothecary located on the South Fork of the Salmon River in Northern California called Salmon River Apothecary and Gifts.

Facebook – Jamie Scepkowski

Salmon River Apothecary

Salmon River Apothecary and Gifts

Instagram – Jamie Scepkowski

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