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Show 21: Saint John’s Wort, Midsummer’s Gift

Show 21: Saint John’s Wort, Midsummer’s Gift

Midsummer is a few days away…Now’s the time for harvesting Saint John’s Wort. This sunny weed is well known for its muscle healing power, but it’s protective nature extends well beyond the muscular-skeletal system. In today’s show, we’re talking about the how-tos of making and using medicine from this summer favorite.
Show 19: Herbals From South Of The Border – Real Herbalism Radio

Show 19: Herbals from South of the Border – Real Herbalism Radio

Cinco de Mayo is a Big Deal here in North America. On this day each year, we like to think that Mexico’s win in the face of great odds was one of their greatest contributions to our culture. The truth is, their plant medicine has had a bigger and more lasting impact on our daily lives.
Show 17: Balance Your Nervous System With Herbs

Show 17: Balance Your Nervous System with Herbs

In today's fast-paced world, many of us rely on herbs to regain balance. Herbal Nervines offer herbalists a natural path to just that. Today we're talking with Howie Brounstein of Columbines school if Botanical Studies about herbs for the nervous system.
Show 10: Lavender – Perfume With A Medicinal Punch

Show 10: Lavender – Perfume with a Medicinal Punch

After researching one of our favorite first aid herbs, we discovered Lavender's wide reach is backed up by a wealth of scientific study. Today, we'll touch on those studies and talk about how you can incorporate Lavender into your life.
Anxiety: Natural Treatment Options

Anxiety: Natural Treatment Options

More than 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders. Even those of us who don't have clinical anxiety struggle with days when worry, anxiety, and general concerns wear us down.
Show 4: Natural Treatment Options For Anxiety

Show 4: Natural Treatment Options for Anxiety

Clinical Anxiety Disorders affect over 40 million adult Americans while only a third of them receive treatment. Anxiety affects the rest of us in some form periodically throughout life. For Anxiety sufferers, the world of plant medicines can offer relief.
Show 2: The Summer Harvest

Show 2: The Summer Harvest

Summer fruits are abundant, especially amidst the dog days of August and into early September. Blackberries and peaches are coming on as are plums, early apples, and pears. All these delicious fruits have medicinal properties a practical herbalist can use through out the year.
Show 1- Herbs For Dental Health

Show 1- Herbs for Dental Health

Strawberry is an uncommon herb, even though it’s a common garden plant and favorite fruit of millions. We discussed the virtues of this humble berry and delved into how strawberries and strawberry leaves can be used in dental care for mild to serious cases.
Rose Hack – Shoestring Herbalist

Rose Hack – Shoestring Herbalist

I come from a long line of rose worshipers. My grandmother had beautiful rose bushes that bloomed in bountiful, well groomed lines. My mother's rose bushes were fertilized, pruned and…

Colic: Herbal First Aid

Colic: Herbal First Aid

Colic is the boogeyman of new parents. All caregivers fear it. Colic is not life threatening, but the thought of spending 3 to 6 months with a screaming newborn chills…

Herbal Teas From Your Backyard To Your Teapot

Herbal Teas from Your Backyard to Your Teapot

 Garden Herb Lists OSU Mini-College Workshop Sue Sierralupé – Instructor Weeds as Herbs Dandelion – Taraxacum off. - collect roots in fall, flowers and leaves in spring – Detoxification Chickweed…

Easy Tips For Deer-Proofing Your Garden

Easy Tips for Deer-Proofing Your Garden

Deer are graceful creatures to observe in natural settings. The romance wears off when you see the damage they've raked through your flower beds. As human habitation spreads more thickly, the deer's natural predators are being forced out, leaving our vegetarian garden predators in paradise--no enemies and plenty of well tended delicacies lovingly arranged for optimum dining. Deer particularly appreciate expensive, pampered plants like roses, turning the joys of gardening into an unpleasant war for the gardener.
Prevent Allergies Naturally With Nettle

Prevent Allergies Naturally with Nettle

One of the best all-natural remedies for allergies is Stinging Nettle. Nettle helps your immune system back down from a full-blown allergy attack. The abundance of vitamins and nutrients in…

Cold Sores/Herpes: Herbal First Aid

Cold Sores/Herpes: Herbal First Aid

Cold sores are red, fluid-filled blisters that show up on the face on or near the mouth. Most cold sores (or fever blisters) are caused by a variety of the…

Treating  Mononucleosis With Herbs

Treating Mononucleosis with Herbs

I heartily recommend Astragulus root for preventing EBV infection. Astragulus is a powerful anti-viral that does particularly well up against a vast host of viruses. Astragulus tincture is the most effective form of this herb.
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