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Show 31: Herbal Tree Medicines

Show 31: Herbal Tree Medicines

We herbalists often get caught up in looking down at the bounty of medicinal plants at our feet, so much so we forget to look up. When we stop to look up, our tree friends are right there ready to share their medicine. Today, we'll be talking about Herbal Tree Medicines you'll find at home, in your back yard, and everywhere else.
Show 30: Easy Herbal Gifts To Make At Home

Show 30: Easy Herbal Gifts to Make at Home

As the holidays draw near, herbalists everywhere are looking for ways to spread a little holiday cheer. The easy herbal gifts we'll be discussing today are sure to bring a smile to faces young and old. Join us as we talk about our favorite Make-at-home Herbal Holiday projects.
Show 28: The Path Into Health And Healing, An Interview With Zoe Fallian

Show 28: The Path into Health and Healing, an Interview with Zoe Fallian

The Path into health and healing can be a straight, clear line, but often it isn't. Many of us spend our early careers trying on many other hats while we seek a viable way to make a living. As alternative healing practices have found their footing in our country, many of us find our way to our true calling. Today, we're talking with Licensed Acupuncturist and Board Certified Herbalist Zoe Fallian about Oriental Healing Modalities and the path to practice.
Show 27: Fall Cleanse And Herbal Detox For Body, Mind, Soul

Show 27: Fall Cleanse and Herbal Detox for Body, Mind, Soul

Autumn is a perfect time for an herbal cleanse. Everyone can seize this opportunity to detox in a healthy, invigorating way with some of the wonderful plant medicines available. Today, we're talking about Fall Cleaning for Body, Mind, and Soul The Practical Herbalist Way.
Show 19: Herbals From South Of The Border – Real Herbalism Radio

Show 19: Herbals from South of the Border – Real Herbalism Radio

Cinco de Mayo is a Big Deal here in North America. On this day each year, we like to think that Mexico’s win in the face of great odds was one of their greatest contributions to our culture. The truth is, their plant medicine has had a bigger and more lasting impact on our daily lives.
Vegetarian Japchae With Fresh Nettle

Vegetarian Japchae with Fresh Nettle

At The Practical Herbalist's Spring quarterly meeting, we tried our hand at a little Korean cooking. Our version of the classic Japchae dish in this recipe is made with fresh…

Herbal Celebrities

Herbal Celebrities

In honor of April Fool's Day, the Practical Herbalist presents.... Herbal Celebrities! Although we love Ginger Rogers, we wanted more names. Below is a list of botanical wonders that have…

Show 11: Herbs For Flu And Cold Prevention

Show 11: Herbs for Flu and Cold Prevention

We're knee-deep into the Flu and Cold season. We Practical Herbalists are already mobilizing our defenses. We're using prevention, stocking up on herbals, and educating friends and family. Today, we'll talk about how you can join in on the preparations.
Strawberry Chutney

Strawberry Chutney

This recipe is a variation on a mango chutney recipe I found several years ago in Madhur Jaffrey's Quick and Easy Indian Cooking. I make and can about 10 cups or so of chutney every year, and Strawberry Chutney has an honored place on my shelf. We love this chutney with Indian meals, of course, but also on hot buttered toast and with just about any roasted meat.
Herbal Teas From Your Backyard To Your Teapot

Herbal Teas from Your Backyard to Your Teapot

 Garden Herb Lists OSU Mini-College Workshop Sue Sierralupé – Instructor Weeds as Herbs Dandelion – Taraxacum off. - collect roots in fall, flowers and leaves in spring – Detoxification Chickweed…

Easy Tips For Ripening Green Tomatoes

Easy Tips for Ripening Green Tomatoes

Gardeners become desperate to salvage their crops as autumn lowers the thermostat. While the daytime temperatures are warm enough to ripen tomatoes, nighttime temperatures threaten developing fruit. These crops aren't doomed to rot as many backyard horticulturists fear. A few simple steps can be taken to ripen green tomatoes.
Cayenne – Pocket Herbal

Cayenne – Pocket Herbal

Capsicum annuum - Solidaceae Family Cayenne peppers bring fire to our lives. Their red, flame-shaped fruit bring sweat to our brow and heat to our tongues. Many cooks keep a…

Keep Your Feet Warm With Cayenne Powder

Keep Your Feet Warm with Cayenne Powder

Cayenne was rumored to have been used in ancient times as an effective foot warmer. Back in 1987, the San Diego Chargers gave it a try when they faced the…

Deep Cuts And Wounds: Herbal First Aid

Deep Cuts and Wounds: Herbal First Aid

Deep cuts and wounds are dangerous and frightening. The first order of business is always to staunch the bleeding and prevent shock. The first hour after the injury occurred is…

Green Tomato Salsa Recipe

Green Tomato Salsa Recipe

Autumn comes to the garden faster than than my poor tomato plants can tolerate. This recipe was the result of frustrated attempts to make a spicy dip with my neglected tomatoes that would never enjoy the blush of ripeness. The cherry or pear tomatoes add a sweet flavor that balances the spark of the pepper and onion.
Hot Mama Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe

Hot Mama Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe

Most of us grew up eating way too many boring egg salad sandwiches. I add some punch to this recipe to add flavor and lower cholesterol.
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