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Three-Root Syrup Recipe

Three-Root Syrup Recipe

If you've made Candied Burdock or Candied Turmeric, Three-Root Syrup is a natural follow-up project. Burdock and Turmeric are classic blood-purifying herbs. They're often included in detoxification blends and both…

Rose Petal Honey

Rose Petal Honey

Rose Petal Honey is very easy and satisfying to make. It takes surprisingly little amount of effort but yields a delightful harvest of flavor. I add a bit of cinnamon…

Teff: Gluten-free Powerhouse Grain For Your Table

Teff: Gluten-free Powerhouse Grain for Your Table

Traditional Ethiopian peoples knew all about Teff, Eragrostis tef. Somewhere between 3000 and 6000 years ago, the Abyssinia people, ancestors of today's Northern Ethiopia, were the first to begin planting…

Show 42: Locavore, An Interview With Leda Hermecz And 100 Mile Bakery

Show 42: Locavore, an Interview with Leda Hermecz and 100 Mile Bakery

Locavore, Farm-to-Table, Slow Food, artisan foods can be found amidst all these movements. As we get in-touch with the roots of our food, our appreciation for what it takes to make truly delicious cuisine grows. Today, we're talking with Leda Hermecz of 100 Mile Bakery about her roots in the Slow Food movement and how she brings local foods to her community.
Show 31: Herbal Tree Medicines

Show 31: Herbal Tree Medicines

We herbalists often get caught up in looking down at the bounty of medicinal plants at our feet, so much so we forget to look up. When we stop to look up, our tree friends are right there ready to share their medicine. Today, we'll be talking about Herbal Tree Medicines you'll find at home, in your back yard, and everywhere else.
Show 17: Balance Your Nervous System With Herbs

Show 17: Balance Your Nervous System with Herbs

In today's fast-paced world, many of us rely on herbs to regain balance. Herbal Nervines offer herbalists a natural path to just that. Today we're talking with Howie Brounstein of Columbines school if Botanical Studies about herbs for the nervous system.
Black Tea Syrup: Clear Your Lungs Remedy

Black Tea Syrup: Clear Your Lungs Remedy

Tea is astringent. It’s a terrific go-to herb for drying your respiratory system, that is, if you like tea. My honey, as it turns out, won’t make a cup of…

Cider Pressing With The Undead – Part 2

Cider Pressing with the Undead – Part 2

Episode XV The month after what Paul had taken to calling the Great Apple Massacre was rough. We fought...a lot. "We're cut and bruised. Harvey's limping. And you want to…

Show 2: The Summer Harvest

Show 2: The Summer Harvest

Summer fruits are abundant, especially amidst the dog days of August and into early September. Blackberries and peaches are coming on as are plums, early apples, and pears. All these delicious fruits have medicinal properties a practical herbalist can use through out the year.
Show 1- Herbs For Dental Health

Show 1- Herbs for Dental Health

Strawberry is an uncommon herb, even though it’s a common garden plant and favorite fruit of millions. We discussed the virtues of this humble berry and delved into how strawberries and strawberry leaves can be used in dental care for mild to serious cases.
Busting Out In Blueberries

Busting Out in Blueberries

This month has been fabulous for blueberries in the Willamette Valley: A few weeks of sun followed by rainy days then again by more sun. Usually, blueberries are shriveled by…

Rosacea Facial Rinse

Rosacea Facial Rinse

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that causes red, blotchy patches resembling acne or sunburn on facial skin. It's most common for fair-skinned women starting at the age of  30…

Zing In A Cup – Shoestring Herbalist

Zing in a Cup – Shoestring Herbalist

The beginning of autumn is rough on the body. The cold, the rain, the wind ... all of  these factors challenge our immune systems as we adapt to the change…

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