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Pumpkin Spice Blend Recipe

Pumpkin Spice Blend Recipe

Pumpkin Spice has risen so rapidly in popularity over the last few years that it dominates everything from coffee drinks to social media hashtags. Once the public realized the flexibility…

Show 104: Digestive Health And The Microbiome With Yaakov Levine

Show 104: Digestive Health and the Microbiome with Yaakov Levine

The microbiome has been a hot topic across our culture over the past couple of years. We've all heard about how important probiotics are to creating a healthy digestive system too. The options for an average consumer who wants to support gut health have expanded past yogurt.
Herbal Garden And Wildcrafting Year

Herbal Garden and Wildcrafting Year

The herbalist garden lives year round. Those of us living in the Willamette Valley are spoiled by a temperate zone with short, mild winters matched with equally short summers. We…

Hawthorn Syrup Recipe

Hawthorn Syrup Recipe

Most hawthorn syrup recipes require fresh hawthorn berries but those are only available seasonally and quality syrup should not be stored for more than a few months. One way to keep fresh haws at your fingertips year round is to freeze them after harvest in 1/2 cup containers.Most hawthorn syrup recipes require fresh hawthorn berries but those are only available seasonally and quality syrup should not be stored for more than a few months.
How To Make An Oxymel

How to Make an Oxymel

I like to add a little extra zing to my oxymels. I put in aromatic barks or roots or resinous plant parts that are tricky to extract in vinegar at the end of the oxymel process.
Show 71: Herb Lab With Kratom And Kratom Salve

Show 71: Herb Lab with Kratom and Kratom Salve

However you pronounce it, you'll be hearing more and more about Kratom. From local news to the New York Times, Facts are muddled and opinions are given. With so much misinformation out there, how do you know what is going on?
Ocular Migraine Formula Remedy

Ocular Migraine Formula Remedy

Ocular migraines will ruin your day if left its own devices. It starts around the eye socket and then slowly, painfully take the rest of your body captive. Ocular migraines…

Organic Plant Spray

Organic Plant Spray

If you have roses, you have bug problems. Roses must be delicious as it seems that every garden bug has a vested interested in taking at least one bite out…

Show 52: Culinary Herbalism With Leda Hermecz

Show 52: Culinary Herbalism with Leda Hermecz

One of the joys of herbalism is the diverse way we incorporate herbal goodness into our lives. Sage Biscuits may not sound like medicine, but they sure are. Today, we're talking with Leda Hermecz of 100 Mile Bakery about creative herbal baking and cooking.
Show 48: Body Into Balance With Maria Noël Groves

Show 48: Body into Balance with Maria Noël Groves

Holistic Living encompasses a balanced approach to diet and lifestyle, often with an emphasis on herbals as a first stop to medical care. Once we've stepped into a standard medical care setting, we're often bombarded with warnings against using the holistic approach, but the truth is herbalism offers an important compliment to all facets of life and healthcare.
Herbs For Cold And Flu Season: Class Notes

Herbs for Cold and Flu Season: Class Notes

According to the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), flu and cold season typically covers October through May with its peak somewhere in December to February. In the Pacific Northwest,…

Surviving PMS And Perimenopause: Flooding

Surviving PMS and Perimenopause: Flooding

This is an abbreviated version of "Menstrual Flooding: Surviving the Deluge." Read the full version at Candace Hunter: The Witch Next Door. Flooding can feel like adding insult to injury.…

Show 44: The Versatile Rose

Show 44: The Versatile Rose

Standing among herbal celebs like Licorice, Sage, Rooibos, and Chili Pepper, Rose is no hot house flower though her medicinal uses may seem more limited. Rose covers the gamut from a long history of medicinal, culinary, and beauty uses to a symbol of love, virtue, purity, and courage. That is, perhaps, what makes the humble rose so intriguing. Today, we're talking about a few of the many petals the rose has to offer.
Show 34: Flower Essence Healing With Patti Leahy

Show 34: Flower Essence Healing with Patti Leahy

Flower Essences offer a world of healing for beginning or experienced herbalists. They work on an energetic level to transform misaims or mis-created energy patterns. Today, we're going to dive into the world of Flower Essence Healing with Master Flower Essence Creator, Formulator, and Practitioner Patti Leahy.
Show 33: The Art Of Chinese Herbal Formulas

Show 33: The Art of Chinese Herbal Formulas

Creating herbal formulas, no matter the approach, is as much art as science. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is doubly true. Today, we're talking with licensed acupuncturist and Board Certified Herbalist Zoe Fallian about Chinese Herbal formulas.
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