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Tea Tree Oil For Foot Care – A Clinical Memoir

Tea Tree Oil for Foot Care – A Clinical Memoir

"We'll clean your feet and Sue will give you some dry socks to change into plus anti-fungal oil to rub into your feet every day. Do you have a bottle to send with him?" I held up a small vial containing tea tree essential oil. I would add it to a small mister bottle so it was easier for him to apply to his tender skin without rubbing.
Coffee: Awakening The Mind

Coffee: Awakening the Mind

The first sip went down smoothly. The astringency of the coffee in addition to its warmth cleared my throat. The antioxidant-rich chlorogenic acids were up to the task of bringing down the inflammation that had just started to effect my sinuses. I added a little cream to break up the acidity on my stomach - pure bliss.
Show 117: Herb Lab – Beauty From The Desert With Christina Sanchez

Show 117: Herb Lab – Beauty from the Desert with Christina Sanchez

The Practical Herbalist team's interview with Christina Sanchez - cosmetologist, herbalist, and founder of Every Leaf Speaks prompted them to create more skin care products. Although this topic is not a specialty for any of the crew, they stepped out of their comfort zone to explore the world of beauty care.
Lavender: The Best Gift For A New Home

Lavender: The Best Gift for a New Home

That’s the way of lavender. She sets a lovely example, growing neat and tidy as she does. She lines up her blossoms to make the work of pollination easy for her bee friends. She uses surprisingly little water while offering up surprisingly lots of medicine in the form of essential oils that evaporate into the air, scenting her surroundings, and a peaceful, self-assured energy that welcomes one and all to relax.
35 Must Haves For Your Herbal First Aid Kit

35 Must Haves for Your Herbal First Aid Kit

The list below are items that I commonly keep in my own First Aid kit. I keep the tinctures in 1/2 bottles. I keep the salves in small tubs enclosed in ziplock bags to prevent leakage. My kit contents have varied as my kids have grown and my medical skill has developed. Don't bring an item with you that you don't know how to use.
Show 64: Adaptogen Herbs With Maria Noël Groves

Show 64: Adaptogen Herbs with Maria Noël Groves

As herbalists, we often talk about our favorite plant friend for specific conditions, like Crohn's or Alzheimer's diseases. One class of herbs often helps bring balance to all the body's systems: The Adaptogens.
Herbs For Cold And Flu Season: Class Notes

Herbs for Cold and Flu Season: Class Notes

According to the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), flu and cold season typically covers October through May with its peak somewhere in December to February. In the Pacific Northwest,…

Show 44: The Versatile Rose

Show 44: The Versatile Rose

Standing among herbal celebs like Licorice, Sage, Rooibos, and Chili Pepper, Rose is no hot house flower though her medicinal uses may seem more limited. Rose covers the gamut from a long history of medicinal, culinary, and beauty uses to a symbol of love, virtue, purity, and courage. That is, perhaps, what makes the humble rose so intriguing. Today, we're talking about a few of the many petals the rose has to offer.
Tea For Better Communication: Practical Magic

Tea for Better Communication: Practical Magic

Calendula offers a magical boost when you're working on shedding old patterns. As a sunny, drying friend, this flower knows how to cut through the mucky, swampy thoughts that can…

Calla Lily: The Beauty Of Balance

Calla Lily: The Beauty of Balance

AKA: Arum Lily Cala Lily symbolizes purity and innocence, according to popular mythology. This flower is used at transitional times like weddings and funerals to symbolize a wish for fertility…

Show 35: Herbs For Pregnancy And Beyond With Demetria Clark

Show 35: Herbs for Pregnancy and Beyond with Demetria Clark

Aromatherapy has become a household word over the past twenty years as has Home Birth, Midwife, and Herbalism. This herbal renaissance has paved the way fro teachers and students alike to reshape the way we think about caring for ourselves and our families. From pregnancy on, more and more women are turning to natural healing techniques for managing pregnancy, birth, and the early childhood years. Today, we're talking with Demetria Clark, internationally acclaimed herbalist, aromatherapist, and doula trainer about aromatherapy and herbalism for pregnancy and beyond.
Show 26: Crisis Herbal Dental Care

Show 26: Crisis Herbal Dental Care

When dental troubles surface, natural remedies are a go-to for Practical Herbalists. We recognize or plant allies are well suited to caring for the extremes our teeth and gums brook in health and in crisis. Today, we're talking about herbalism for dental emergencies and diseases and the more intensive situations our mouths sometimes face.
Dry Socket – Herbal First Aid

Dry Socket – Herbal First Aid

A dry socket is extremely painful. It is the result of a dislodged blood clot after a tooth extraction. Blood clots are nature's way of cushioning a wound and aiding…

Top 10 Herbal Supplements For Lizards

Top 10 Herbal Supplements for Lizards

My daughter had a dragon. I had an herb garden. It was inevitable the two would end up interacting with each other. We've had reptilian pets before. We had a…

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