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Formulating for a Romantic Evening

Formulating for a Romantic Evening is a lot like formulating for just about anything else. If you take the time to do all the steps, you'll have a formula that's more likely to work as if by magic. If you don't take the time to practice the steps, you're less likely to create the results you want...



Meet Skullcap, Scutellaria lateriflora, ID and Medicinal Properties

Skullcap is a relaxing nervine without sedation. The Eclectics used Skullcap as a nerve tonic for conditions brought on by nervousness and stress, i.e., asthma, rashes, eczema, and headaches. Skullcap is trophorestorative (nourishing tonic) for the nervous system in low doses long-term to improve and restore nervous system function.



Vanilla Bean Substitutes: Make Your Own at Home

Vanilla, aka Vanilla planifolia, is a tropical vine orchid originally domesticated in Mexico that has become the baker’s standard for extract flavoring worldwide. It was savored first by the Totonac people of Eastern Mexico and eventually taken up by the Aztecs who passed it on to the Spanish.