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Herbal Facial Steam Detox Mix Recipe

Herbal steams are an easy way to open pores and leave the skin feeling refreshed. This mix was formulated for people who work or play in toxic atmospheres. This list can include cigarette smokers, mechanics, carpet installers as well as…

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Green Tomato Salsa Recipe

Autumn comes to the garden faster than than my poor tomato plants can tolerate. This recipe was the result of frustrated attempts to make a spicy dip with my neglected tomatoes that would never enjoy the blush of ripeness. The cherry or pear tomatoes add a sweet flavor that balances the spark of the pepper and onion.
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Winter Chowder Recipe

Corn Chowder is a cold weather warmer. Leeks are one of the first vegetables to peek out of the ground in spring. The other ingredients are in my cupboards all winter long. This soup chases out the chills that incessant…

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Simple Pumlin Pie Image

Simple Pumpkin Pie Recipe

This reliable recipe is a revised version of one I found in my mother's 1953 cookbook. I modified it to fit my family's taste buds. It makes one 9 inch pie. As a gluten free option, cook the pie without…

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Simple Hard Apple Cider Recipe

Hard Cider is apple cider that's been fermented to about 6 percent alcoholic content. It's the cider equivalent of an ale or beer, and it's generally pretty easy to make. This procedure is very simple, very unscientific, and designed for…

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Roasted Roots: A Coffee Substitute

The cinnamon in this blend gives it a spicy aroma that mimics a spiced coffee. If, like my partner, you prefer an earthier coffee black with no fancy-stuff, omit the cinnamon and roast your roots until their quite dark. Ingredients…

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