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Organic Tooth Polish Recipe

Tooth Polish is a great way to bring a healthy shine to your smile. It only takes a few minutes to make with herbs that are easy to grow in the garden or buy in your friendly neighborhood health food…

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Apple Pie Recipe

Simple to make, delightful to eat; this apple pie is a winner all-around. Use Aunt Patty's Easy Pie Crust recipe for a perfect combination. Any leftovers I manage to save are my breakfast the next day.
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Organic Baby Powder Recipe

Baby powder is wonderful for preventing diaper rash. Most commercial baby powders contain talc, which is not good for the environment or the baby. This simple recipe provides softly scented medicine for diaper rash and offers an earth-friendly option for conscientious parents.
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Gardener’s Hand Soak Recipe

Many gardeners love to stick their hands in the soil as they work. The feeling of soft, loamy dirt is so satisfying. The problem is this delightful practice leaves our hands feeling rough and chapped. Working with wood or working in damp, cold weather also draws the moisture out of my skin despite wearing gloves. I got tired of my nails getting brittle and chipped each year around April so I devised this simple hand soak to heal the cracks and soften my neglected fingers.
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Allergy Immune Tea

As an allergy warrior, I drink a cup of this tea every morning to keep my defenses up during pollen season. My hometown is rated second in the world for pollen density so breathing is often a chore. This blend…

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Elderberry Immune Tea

This tasty tea is designed to keep the body safe from nasty winter viruses. Nettle fortifies the body while Green Tea adds much needed antioxidants. Elderberry is a sweet addition that guards against viruses. Use organic herbs to be sure your body doesn't have to fight off addtional pesticides too.
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