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Frugal Fabric Softener Recipe

Fabric softener sold in stores contain a long list of chemicals that are difficult to pronounce. This recipe provides the same results with food grade vinegar and some nice smelling essential oils. I often add a few drops of this…

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Moroccan Sun Tea

Summer is my favorite time to enjoy iced tea. This recipe is based on the sweet mint teas brewed in traditional Moroccan households to greet visitors and beat the heat. In Africa, gunpowder tea is brewed and flavored with spearmint or absinthe and then sweetened with copious amounts of sugar. This recipe hopes to honor the wisdom of using green tea and mint to cool the body but without quite as much sugar.
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Teriyaki Tofu and Oyster Mushroom Recipe

Who can resist the savory taste of oyster mushrooms? This recipe takes only minutes to make and can be served over noodles, rice or steamed Asian dumplings. It makes about 2 servings. Ingredients 1/2 cup slivered parsnip root 1/2 cup…

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Nettle and Hazelnut Pesto Recipe

Nettle is delicious in pesto and hazelnut brings an earthy compliment to this sauce. It makes about 2 cups. Ingredients 2 cups frozen or steamed nettle leaves 3/4 cup grated Parmesan 3/4 cup olive oil 5 chopped garlic cloves 1/2…

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