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Kitchen Herbs That Soothe Your Stomach

Nutmeg was once coveted for its digestive prowess. Ladies and gentlemen alike grated a dusting of nutmeg on their morning cereal, afternoon puddings, evening soups, and even feast foods such as roasts and rich desserts. Why? Because Nutmeg goes a…

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Keep Cats away from Your Plants

Herbs can be your guard to keep cats away from your garden beds or houseplants. The list below contains herbs to throw fresh orange peels onto the soil. Some herbs are best used as the scent of the herb's essential…

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Prevent Allergies Naturally with Nettle

One of the best all-natural remedies for allergies is Stinging Nettle. Nettle helps your immune system back down from a full-blown allergy attack. The abundance of vitamins and nutrients in Nettle help your whole system feel supported and healthy, which…

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Spice up Your Chili

Cayenne is just one of the many chili peppers herbalists love for their fiery hot medicine. One secret we've been keeping is that cayenne, as well as a few other chilies, intensify their fire in the freezer. If you plan…

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Almond: A Gentle, Natural Facial Scrub

Gentle exfoliation is one key to a smooth, youthful complexion. Try adding a little ground Almond to your favorite liquid facial soap to make an all natural facial scrub. Almond's nutrition and ability to soak into the skin and rejuvenate…

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