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Almonds Drawing

Almond – Pocket Herbal

Prunus dulcis – Rosaceae Family Massage therapists revere almond oil as the queen of oils. This oil is easily absorbed into the skin which allows the therapist's to glide over troubled muscles without leaving a greasy residue. This regal yet…

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Myrrh – Pocket Herbal

Commiphora mukul/molmol – Burseraceae family During the California gold rush of the 1850's, myrrh was more valuable by weight than gold. As San Francisco was being built, quality dental treatment was scarce. An infected tooth could prove excruciatingly fatal overnight.…

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Licorice – Pocket Herbal

Glycyrrhiza glabra – Leguminoseae Family True licorice is an uncommon treat. It is rare to find licorice candy that is still flavored with licorice root. Most manufacturers use anise or artificial flavorings instead. For Alexander the Great however, there was…

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Flax Drawing

Flax – Pocket Herbal

Linum usitatissimum – Linaceae family Flax is the grandmother of human civilization. Primitive foragers gathered its seed for food. Early Mesopotamians pressed the seed and fed the high protein remains of the seed mash to fatten their cattle. Ancient Egyptians…

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Horsetail Drawing

Horsetail – Pocket Herbal

Equisetum arvense – Equisetaceae family To call Horsetail a dinosaur plant is not entirely accurate. The horsetail family emerged from boggy, primordial swamps over a hundred million years before dinosaurs walked the Earth. At the time, giant dragonflies with 2…

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Kitchen Herbs That Soothe Your Stomach

Nutmeg was once coveted for its digestive prowess. Ladies and gentlemen alike grated a dusting of nutmeg on their morning cereal, afternoon puddings, evening soups, and even feast foods such as roasts and rich desserts. Why? Because Nutmeg goes a…

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