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Oregon Grape Buds

Sinus Infection Remedy Blend

Allergies, colds, and flus all leave their mark on our poor sinuses. Sinus congestion leads to other unpleasant problems like coughing, sneezing, congestion, clogged ears and headaches. This formula is my favorite for draining the sinuses and keeping them clear.…

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Deep Cuts and Wounds: Herbal First Aid

Deep cuts and wounds are dangerous and frightening. The first order of business is always to staunch the bleeding and prevent shock. The first hour after the injury occurred is the most critical period in which to activate the body's…

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Supporting Women’s Fertility with Herbs

Adding a baby to your life takes preparation. Herbs can increase fertility when combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine. The odds of success improve if you are as careful with your body before pregnancy as you will be after you get pregnant.
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Sprained Ankle: Herbal First Aid

One misstep, your foot turns under you and suddenly your ankle is screaming for attention. A sprained or twisted ankle shows its displeasure by exhibiting soreness and/or swelling around the outward protruding ankle bone. The ligaments have been pulled and…

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