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Flower Essence Healing Abilities

Flower Essence Healing Abilities

My love and appreciation for the healing abilities of flower essence began in 1999 while at a medicine making workshop.  Several times since then, including two car accidents and five deaths in 6 months, they have been very beneficial to my own recovery and ability to carry on.

Taken orally, the flower essence works in the individual’s vibrational body, supporting re-balance in the energy field, or electrical system also known as the emotional body.  Operating at subtle levels, flower essences provide a gentle, non-invasive re-focus, allowing mental clarity while recharging positive emotional energy. It can restore body systems that are out of balance due to illness, trauma, anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, surgery, personal conflicts, grief and other life experiences. The release of stressful thought and emotional patterns flower essences provide can bring us more in touch with our own higher natures.dahlia fe1

Used in conjunction with other healing modalities they often provide greater effectiveness. My partner, Joe, uses our essences frequently in his practice of hypnotherapy, EFT and surgery coaching.  During the healing sessions and as follow-up care, they are very helpful to patients moving forward with less resistance, fear and negative emotions. Flower essences also help pets coping with stressful situations and trauma recovery.

Flower essences differ from essential oils in that essences do not contain any of the physical parts of the plant from which they are derived.  The essence or vibration of the flower is captured in a water base and then preserved with either alcohol or vinegar.

AWEH Flower Essences are made by us, many from our own gardens. Combining the various individual flower vibrations in formulas offers these affects more consistently. We have a line of formulas created to help with various kinds of situations. We also make personal formulations for particular issues.

[su_box title=”Visit our Guest Author’s Web Site” style=”soft” box_color=”#48552C” title_color=”#EDBD2E”]For more information, visit Patti at World Energy Healing.[/box]

Patti Leahy

Patti Leahy is currently involved in volunteering on the Herb Team for Occupy Medical, a free-to-all medical and herbal clinic in Eugene. She runs World Energy Healing with her partner. She teaches and practices Reiki, does Core Energy Healing, and is a Flower Essence Practitioner.

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