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Narcissus Drawing

Narcissus – Pocket Herbal

Narcissus pseudo-narcissus - Amaryllidaceae Family The healing properties of Narcissus have recently been rediscovered. Although this plant, commonly called daffodil, has a history of use in traditional Japanese medicine, concern over misuse of its toxic properties pulled it off of…

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Plantain – Pocket Herbal

Plantago major/lanceolata - Planaginaceae family The people of medieval Europe called plantain "Heal All." As an astringent anti-inflammatory, this hardy herb was an invaluable aid in handling pain, cuts, burns, swelling and digestive problems. This was one of the herbs…

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Pacific Yew – Pocket Herbal

Taxus brevifolia – Taxaceae family The Pacific Yew is small tree found primarily in the northwestern coastal forests of North America. The native peoples used its needles and twigs to brew teas for a wide range of ailments including cancer.…

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