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Show 6: Herbal Cordials for the Holidays

Fall is upon us. That means it’s time to start those herbal holiday gifts—Herbal Cordials and liqueurs are a delight to receive and easy to make. Today, we’ll talk about how to make Herbal Cordials and Liqueurs and the best herbs to use.
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Show 3: Protecting Boundaries with Elderberry and Flower

The elder tree and its medicine is surrounded by myth, some of which is rooted in fact and some of which is pure fantasy. In this episode we'll talk a little about the mythic properties of elder, how it protects boundaries physically and spiritually, and then go on to cover the modern day myths perpetuated in a variety of sources online and in print.
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Show 2: The Summer Harvest

Summer fruits are abundant, especially amidst the dog days of August and into early September. Blackberries and peaches are coming on as are plums, early apples, and pears. All these delicious fruits have medicinal properties a practical herbalist can use through out the year.
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Show 1- Herbs for Dental Health

Strawberry is an uncommon herb, even though it’s a common garden plant and favorite fruit of millions. We discussed the virtues of this humble berry and delved into how strawberries and strawberry leaves can be used in dental care for mild to serious cases.
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