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Rosemary Resources: Herbal Remedies for Memory care, Digestion

Rosemary Resources Rosemary has enjoyed a whole lot of cultural popularity through the ages, too. European culture is replete with Rosemary references, and not just the Shakespearean sort, either. While Rosemary isn't a modern-day super-star herb like Lavender, Elderberry, and Dandelion, many of us are quite familiar with the pungent, bitter, pineyness of this temperate [...]



Cineole in Herbs: How it Works

Most of the plants that produce higher levels of Cineole are connected with respiratory health and reducing inflammation. Rosemary and Eucalyptus, for instance...





Formulating for a Romantic Evening

Formulating for a Romantic Evening is a lot like formulating for just about anything else. If you take the time to do all the steps, you'll have a formula that's more likely to work as if by magic. If you don't take the time to practice the steps, you're less likely to create the results you want...


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Plant Medicines for Emotional Healing and Trauma

Trauma is part of the human experience. Some people seem to glide through Huge experiences, like the Covid-19 pandemic, without breaking a sweat. Other folk are torn apart by what seems to be the tiniest bumps in the road. We're all affected by our experiences differently, so it's hard to clearly define what causes Trauma. [...]


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