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Chamomile Facts: Herbal Remedy Basics

Chamomile, or Matricara recutitra, got a bad rap long ago for being an herb for babies. While it's true chamomile tea is a soothing remedy for an upset tummy (no matter your age!), its medicine is so much more than that. Chamomile is a deep and gentle gut healer we herbalists of today would do well to get to know once again.







Tulsi Holy Basil Formulas for Body-Mind-Spirit

Tulsi’s core energy is about creating balance and making space for balance. In general, longer use of Tulsi and Tulsi formulations have proven more effective than short durations in prevention of digestive and other complaints, making Tulsi a good daily choice for a lifetime but not a bad friend in a pinch.


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Chamomile Essential Oil: How it Works for Stress and Inflammation

If that sounds familiar, Chamomile Essential Oil may well be a valuable partner in your corner. Both German Chamomile and Roman Chamomile essential oils help soothe anxiety and get your mind back into a more present and sunny state. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, they soothe...


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