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Resources for Digestive Health

Digestive Health Resources Many, if not all, Herbalists and Herbal Traditions recognize the huge role our Digestive System plays in good health. When you see an herbalist of any type, you’re likely to be asked a battery of...



Pickling vs Fermenting: Feed Your Microbiome Right & Stay Healthy

Pickles are foods, like cucumbers or red onions, that have been submerged in an acid solution, usually vinegar in Western tradition but in Ayurveda lemon and citrus are often as not key acidifiers. Pickling veggies helps begin the breaking-down of their chemical structures and encourages enzymatic activity.



Herbal Energetics as a Magical Language for Healing

Many modern herbalists who also practice magic recognize energetics as a half-way language that connects a plant's healing properties with the more ephemeral realms, helping us describe the potential of a specific plant to help in certain situations that manifest beyond the human body.



Formulating Home Remedies, Wood Betony for Stomach and Headache

Reality is, Wood Betony is not a real panacea. Wood Betony is a complex and powerful plant that offers us a huge opportunity to heal. What we want to heal...that's up to us. This is one of the keys to recognizing where Wood Betony can help you work miracles. Wood Betony's call is to heal by returning your power home to your powercenter and balancing it there.


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Magical Properties of Herbs Through Botany

Take your connection to The Plants to the next level; Get to know the magical qualities of a plant's medicine through the lens of botany. We'll talk about how to apply botanical knowledge of a plant to your own magical workings.


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