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Herb of the Month

Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis: Memorycare, Circulation, Digestion

Rosemary is one of the famous culinary herbs (as in Scarborough Fair and Shakespearean famous) that rarely gets the main stage when it comes to Medicinal Herbalism. Like it's partners, Parsley, Sage, and Thyme, Rosemary packs a lot of medicine into those tiny leaves. That's part of why Rosemary is more connected with cooking than [...]



Witch Hazel as an Astringent

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) sits on pharmacy shelves along with with other OTC (over the counter) topical liquids. It is so common in drug stores that most people forget that is herbal medicine. It's uninterrupted use in medical and home use is more proof of the power and utility of witch hazel as an astringent. [...]





Formulating for a Romantic Evening

Formulating for a Romantic Evening is a lot like formulating for just about anything else. If you take the time to do all the steps, you'll have a formula that's more likely to work as if by magic. If you don't take the time to practice the steps, you're less likely to create the results you want...


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Magic and Rosemary: Protection and Integration Magick

Through the ages, Rosemary has played a rather large part in the rituals of our culture. In daily life, Rosemary has helped keep both critters and germs at bay. It's been infused into vinegar, burned and distilled into


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