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Tea Tree Oil for Foot Care – A Clinical Memoir

"We'll clean your feet and Sue will give you some dry socks to change into plus anti-fungal oil to rub into your feet every day. Do you have a bottle to send with him?" I held up a small vial containing tea tree essential oil. I would add it to a small mister bottle so it was easier for him to apply to his tender skin without rubbing.
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Coffee Beans

Coffee: Seriously Big Medicine

Grandma's kitchen was bright. I remember sitting near a formica counter that was light blue, white, and yellow. I was eight. I sat up in my chair feeling very grown up as I requested my very first coffee. "Does your…

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Coffee: Awakening the Mind

The first sip went down smoothly. The astringency of the coffee in addition to its warmth cleared my throat. The antioxidant-rich chlorogenic acids were up to the task of bringing down the inflammation that had just started to effect my sinuses. I added a little cream to break up the acidity on my stomach - pure bliss.
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