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Herbalism for the Zombie Apocalypse

Quick Facts: Burdock

Herbal Nerd Society Exclusive Article Editor’s Note: The text and still photos in this article are from Herbalism for the Zombie Apocalypse.  Artium minusis, Common Burdock Artium lappa, Greater Burdock a.k.a., Hobo...



How to Make Seed Paper Ornaments – DIY

Seed Paper Ornaments are homemade paper in holiday shapes that hold the secret of life - seeds! They are fun to make and fantastic to add to cards, gifts or on their own with a little tag with planting instructions.


Gardening and Harvesting

Meet Tulsi, aka Holy Basil

What do Holy Basil, Tulsi, and Sacred Basil have in common? They’re all names for the same herb, Ocimum sanctum. What is Tulsi? Ocimum sanctum, or Tulsi, is native to India, where it’s considered one of the most...


Herbal Housekeeping

Honey Bee Water Bowl

Kids love bugs. They are tiny, busy lives that come in an array of shapes and colors. As parents...


Animal Care


Spa and Leisure

Let’s Talk Series: Plant Dietas with Ashley Litecky-Ellenbas

As with any healing modality that gains popularity in the main stream, there is always the danger of misinterpretation and misuse. Ashley Leiteky-Ellenbas shares her knowledge of plant dietas and how to include herbal medicine in this potent modality.


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