Wood Betony


Wood Betony was once the European Healer’s darling. Physicians and Home Herbalists used Wood Betony, which they called Betony or Betonica, for seemingly every complaint that arose. Digstive problems, Women’s conditions, Headaches and Nervous System complaints, and even Nightmares and Bedwetting were part of Wood Betony’s domain.

Today, Wood Betony has been reclassified by botanists as a member of the Stachys side of the Mint family, dubbing her Stachys officinalis instead of Betonical officinalis or Betonica stachys as she was formerly known. Still, in our currently troubled times, she’s not abandoned us. Modern herbalists are rediscovering the Magick and Healing Wood Betony can bring to our lives.

Use Wood Betony in home remedies for:

  • Anxiety, worry, tension, stress
  • Depression, grief, sorrow
  • Digestive complaints, both chronic and sudden
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Sleep, Insomnia, Nightmares and Bedwetting
  • Some hormonal imbalances

Learn more about Wood Betony in the garden, as an herbal remedy, and best harvest practices with these curated resources.


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