Mullein’s soft leaves and strong, tall second-year stalks have forever connected this respiratory herb with the Faerie Realm and swordplay. Who hasn’t used an old Mullein stalk as a sword when chasing about the field as a kid?

Play aside, Mullein is a powerful soother for lungs and respiratory health as well as skin irritations and swollen joints. Mullein’s anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties alongside it’s mucilaginous nature make it a perfect partner for a lot of irritations. 

If you’re Wildcrafting Mulllein, use the second-year flowers for salves, teas, and liniments. The first-year leaves are the favorites for most herbalists for lung health use, including as tea, tincture, and in smoking blends. Most importantly, though, be sure you’ve properly identified Mullein. Once you know this soft beauty, you won’t mistake it for Foxglove, but be aware that deadly Foxglove is one of Mullein’s look-alikes. 

Use Mullein in home remedies for:

  • Rashes, inflammation, bug bites (topical tea or oil)
  • Ear Aches (oil)
  • Depression (most often taken as tea)
  • Flu/colds/viruses with cough and dry, irritated respiratory system (tea)
  • Rheumtoid arthritis, gout, and other swollen joint conditions 

Learn more about Mullein in the garden, as an herbal remedy, and best harvest practices with these curated resources.


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