Flu and Cold


Colds, Flus, and many viruses and infections respond really well to home remedies and natural treatments. As you foster a closer relationship with the Plant World, you’ll find many, many partners ready to help you and your family recover when illness strikes.

We use herbal remedies for preventing illness to support the immune system, digestive system, respiratory system, and relax the nervous system. Even with a fairly healthy body, though, illness can still come a’knocking.

When it does, plants offer a ton of help in managing symptoms and chasing the viral, bacterial, or fungal germs out of our bodies and homes. We like using herbs to help calm coughing, expel excess mucus and phlegm, ease itchy-scratchy throats and sinuses, soothe rashes and skin irritation, manage fever, ease digestive complaints like nausea or diarhhea, and help improve sleep so you can get well faster.

Some of our favorite Cold and Flu herbs include

Learn more about Making Herbal Home Remedies, Choosing Plants Wisely, and Preventing illness naturally during Cold and Flu Season with these curated resources.


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