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Many, if not all, Herbalists and Herbal Traditions recognize the huge role our Digestive System plays in good health. When you see an herbalist of any type, you’re likely to be asked a battery of questions about your digestive health. Symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, long or short transit time, indigestion and high or low stomach acid, nausea, and excessive or lack of appetite are the most obvious ones connected with digestive health. They make up parts of an overall pattern that helps us recognize where things are out of balance or in a state of disharmony.

Just about every other symptom you might name, especially those of a chronic nature, stands a good chance of being connected with one that connects with the digestive system. Maigraines, for instance, might well be connected to liver heat rising, which in more scientific terms describes a liver organ that’s overwhelmed with waaaay too much detoxification work. That liver heat is connected with the digestive system. Migraines that are about tension and stress may be connected to poor digestion, excessive or lack of appetite, diarrhea or constipation…all as a side-effect of too much stress. What about migraines that are definitely rooted in PMS, Perimenopasue, Menopause, or a similar hormonal issue? Where we find hormonal migraines, we often find inflammation, liver heat, thyroid imbalances, and related symptoms…all of which can be eased or potentially eliminated through diet and good digestion.

The old addage, You are what you eat, holds true in herbal practice at all levels. At home, you can make a huge difference in your health by paying attention to your digestive health and making little changes to support your digestive system as you face the many challenges life offers you. Eating a healthy diet that’s tailored to your body’s needs may not solve all your problems, but the professionals all agree that it’s not going to hurt. Digestive Health makes keeping everything else running smoothly much easier.

Learn about the many tools we have to create Digestive Health for you and yours, like:

  • Choosing the right way to preapare your foods (Raw, Cooked, Fermented, etc)
  • Learn how to cook your foods to optimize digestion
  • Include Variety
  • Add Herbs, Spices, and Plant Medicines to your Daily Routine
  • Know what to do when Digestion goes Wrong

Learn more about the tools for Digestive Health and Remedies for Aiding Digestion with these curated resources.


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