German Chamomile, Roman Chamomile


German and Roman Chamomile have been long-standing favorites of herbalists and Caregivers for good reason. They both reduce inflammation, soothe the nerves and ease digestive complaints. Plus, they’re both safe to use with children as young as infancy and with the elderly or those weakened by illness or trauma. Today, we reach for chamomile to help ease complaints like: 

  • Rashes, inflammation, bug bites (topical, often essential oil but tea works too)
  • Anxiety, nervousness, worry (topical or tea)
  • Depression (most often taken as tea)
  • Digestion (upset stomach, nervous indigestion, diarhhea, often taken as tea)
  • Flu/temporary digestive upset (tea)
  • Chronic digestive conditions (IBS/IBD, Crohn’s disease, Leaky Gut – generally taken as tea, occasionally topical use)
  • Cranky babies – teething, digestive distress, colic (tea taken internally or applied topically)

Learn more about Chamomile in the garden, as an herbal remedy, and best harvest practices with these curated resources.


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