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Whether you’re living on a tiny city lot, a modest suburban property, or clear out in the country on acreage, chickens can be an enjoyable, entertaining addition to your farmstead. Here are a few resources we’ve gathered for Herbal Nerd Society members to help you on your way.

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Show 80: Chickens Invade!

Backyard chickens are taking over the world one yard at a time. How do you know if keeping chickens is right for you? What do urban chickens offer beyond eggs? When should you get started? Today, we’ll be talking about getting started with your own little flock.

Show 81: Herb Lab Chicken Chat & Chicken Book Review

This Herb Lab is all about chicken raising from cleaning to health. Plus a full review of the top chicken books covering breeds, raising and health.

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The Chicken Friendly Herb Garden

Chickens love gardens but gardens do not always love chickens. Part of what makes these birds delightful is how excited they are about every opportunity to dig for bugs or tender greens.

Fooling the Chickens

My chickens are pretty smart. They figure out how to hide their eggs.

Warming the Chickens

The ladies hated December. They hated the snow. They hated the freezing wind. They hated the humidity that got under their feathers

Chickens in the Organic Garden

Preparing new beds for spring planting is a lot of work on your own. Chickens are great helpers in the garden if you let them.

Keeping it Cool in the Coop

Queen Elizabawk was panting. She is a big chicken. As an Orpington, she does well in the cold but isn’t built for heat.

Soft Water Blues

I live in a soggy area. Like most continental curls of geography, this section of Oregon does a great job of collecting rain clouds.


Living with Chickens by Jay Rossier

A great reference for small-sized flock tenders and urban farmers alike. Read our Review.

Poultry Breeds by Carol Ekarius

A wonderful little book filled with tasty details on various breeds of Chickens, Ducks, Geese, and Turkeys that’s perfect for folks who love to gaze upon and dream about chickens. Read our Review.

Keeping Chickens by Jeremy Hobson and Celia Lewis

A good book for folks who are new to chicken keeping and plan on taking a conventional approach. Read our Review.

Chickens by Sue Weaver

A great beginner’s book, especially well suited to small endeavors in city or country. Read our Review.

Keep Chickens! by Barbara Kilarski

A wonderful book for city folk who are thinking about raising chickens. Read our Review.

Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens by Gail Damerow

In depth and technical, this is a must-have for folks who are serious about their chickens. Read our Review.

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Egss for dyeing