Best Audience for Storey’s Country Wisdom & Know-how: the advanced or experienced homesteader or herbalist

Patrick said: Storey’s Country Wisdom & Know-how is chock full of recipes and information…and all of it is written with the apparent assumption that you know what you’re doing or have a bit of experience already. Once you find the information 51Go1V9ZyBL._SS110_you’re looking for, it’s useful and often in-depth, but finding it is the hard part. This book isn’t well-indexed. Plus, the size is unwieldy. It’s much too large to fit on a standard bookshelf and since it’s a paperback it doesn’t stand well anyway.

Candace said: Storey’s Country Wiscome & Know-how is a fun book to peruse once, but it’s not all that practical for regular use. Finding what I need when I need it isn’t as easy as I’d like. The format–a whopping 11-inches by 14-inches in paperback–is huge and surprisingly floppy. The index is poor, too, making searching this tome a bit of a challenge. Of the various references, those on my shelf and those online, Storey’s Country Wisdom & Know-how isn’t one I’m likely to consult as a first, second, or even third source. It’s more of a when-all-else-has-failed sort of book in my home.

The Bottom Line: We give Storey’s Country Wisdom & Know-how two thumbs down.

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