A few years back, I helped a friend and herbalist of the time move from yet another rental into her first purchased home. When I showed up to help her move, she handed me a pair of garden gloves and a spade. I expected to be hauling boxes. Instead, we were moving her garden. She informed me through the course of the day that she’d moved some of her plants as many as five times; she’d had those a good twenty years. She wasn’t as prone to moving as I have been.

I’ve moved a lot over the years. Lavender has been a mainstay of each home, as well. When it wasn’t already growing in my yard, I’ve planted it. In my most recent home, it grows right out my front door alongside lemon balm and calendula, my trifecta of cheer and healing. I cannot imagine moving any of them when I go. They are a part of the land here now, though I thoroughly understand my friend’s fire for taking her plants with her. After I move, I miss my plant friends. Until I helped my friend move her garden, I’d never thought of taking them with me. Since that day, I’ve moved a few roses and some strawberries, but that was just the once and it didn’t bring the comfort and satisfaction my friend seemed to experience.

I think it’s lavender’s energy for letting go that keeps me leaving her and the others behind each time I move. With lavender, I feel a sense of deep relaxation, like a connection to the earth that we’ve almost forgotten in our harried world. She makes my space peaceful, even when the world around my house is nuts with activity. I get used to that peace and even take it for granted, then I leave and am missing it. Within days, I’m on the hunt for a set of plant friends to bring peace to my space.

Lavender is always the first to arrive. She’s a busy, industrious friend who settles in and gets to work calming and organizing the energies of my space instantly. I’ve lived in my current home a long while now. Lavender has helped me draw bees into my garden with her neatly arranged blossoms. She offers a whiff of relaxation and peace to all who enter my front door, helping them to leave behind the bustle of the world. I particularly love pulling out my lavender essential oil during the off-season, when she’s not blooming, to help soothe tensions and ease ruffled feathers.

I keep a spritzer of lavender, bergamot (or orange), and Atlas cedarwood essential oils in my herbal cabinet. It’s especially helpful during times when my family and friends are tense, like tax season and winter holidays. I spritz my space and often myself with a little to ground the frustrations that cause all that stress, clear the tensions, and lift my mood. Often, just taking care of myself that way helps the rest of my family, too.

That’s the way of lavender. She sets a lovely example, growing neat and tidy as she does. She lines up her blossoms to make the work of pollination easy for her bee friends. She uses surprisingly little water while offering up surprisingly lots of medicine in the form of essential oils that evaporate into the air, scenting her surroundings, and a peaceful, self-assured energy that welcomes one and all to relax.

Should I ever move again, I most certainly will plant lavender in my new space, but it won’t be the individual who helped me in my last one. I’ll happily leave some lavender to help the folks who move into my old space settle in. There’s no better welcome to a new home than lavender!