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Lower Your LDL Cholesterol Naturally

Cholesterol is the bane of our modern existence. Sure, you can go to great lengths to avoid those high cholesterol levels the doctors warn against, but most of us just don't. The result is that by middle age, you may…

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Relax with this Simple Eye Pillow

Recycle a faded silk scarf by stitching it into a relaxing, microwavable flax seed eye pillow. Flax seed has long been used in eye pillows in part because of it's soothing qualities. Add a little scoop of lavender buds and…

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Kitchen Herbs That Soothe Your Stomach

Nutmeg was once coveted for its digestive prowess. Ladies and gentlemen alike grated a dusting of nutmeg on their morning cereal, afternoon puddings, evening soups, and even feast foods such as roasts and rich desserts. Why? Because Nutmeg goes a…

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Treat Athlete’s Foot Naturally

Those who suffer from Athlete's foot know that burning, itching sensation can simple awful to endure. The good news is, there are a few all-natural solutions to combat athlete's foot. A cotton swab of Myrrh tincture on the affected area…

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Natural, Easy Colon Cleanse

The next time you're planning a fast or colon cleanse, try adding raw or roasted Almonds to your strategy. The fiber in Almonds helps remove mucus and toxins from your intestinal tract, making your cleanse naturally more effective. For daily…

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All Natural Sugar Substitute for Beverages

The next time you're looking for a healthy, all natural sugar alternative, look no further than Licorice root. As an addition to teas, Licorice can help balance your hormones and improve your digestion. The best part of Licorice root is…

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