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Harvesting Fresh Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is a fabulous healer for 1st degree burns, scrapes and cuts. Many people grow aloe plants in their homes as houseplants. It's no wonder that they do. With the right amount of sun and a minimum amount of…

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Cleaning Used Dropper Bottles

Long ago, another herbalist told me that cleaning old tincture bottles wasn't worth the effort. She just recycled them and bought new ones, I expect. Even then, that seemed a wasteful approach. Why should I spend my money on new…

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Flower Essence

Flower Essence Healing Abilities

My love and appreciation for the healing abilities of flower essence began in 1999 while at a medicine making workshop.  Several times since then, including two car accidents and five deaths in 6 months, they have been very beneficial to…

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