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Balsamic Spice Brandy Cordial Recipe

The winter landscape offers little warming gifts if you know where to look. Balsamic Brandy is a lovely spirit lifter on a cold day whose lip smacking goodness comes from our conifer friends. Most people do not think of spruce,…

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Kid’s Favorite Cocoa

This blend of cocoa and hot chocolate is kid-designed and kid-tested. It's sweet and chocolaty with just a hint of Mexican spice. It's cheap and easy enough for kids of all ages to enjoy a cup or two daily. Plus,…

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Simple Chai Tea Blend

Chai, the way I learned to make it, is strong and sweet. Traditionally, it involves a pot, the stove, strainers, boiling the brew up without boiling it over, and lots of milk and sugar. This simple blend offers the flavor…

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Stress Relief Tea Blend

Stress helps us adapt to new situations, seek alternatives, and solve problems. Many of the world's greatest inventions, like the sewing machine, are the solutions to stressful situations. On the other hand, stress with not solution and no relief can…

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Sugar Plum Fairy Liqueur

I developed Sugar Plum Fairy Liqueur after a friend shared a basket of plums with me. Her tree was producing heavily that year. We both were unsure how to preserve the harvest. After a few batches of chutney and jam,…

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Antioxidant Rich Smoothie Blend

Research shows that antioxidants are good for us. It’s not clear yet whether antioxidant supplements are healthful, but given how easy it is to eat your antioxidants, there’s no sense in relying on supplements anyway. The key is to have…

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