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Herbal Mattress Powder for Green Spring Cleaning

This easy herbal recipe helps extend the season on my annual Spring Cleaning. I make a powder in my blender that's antiseptic (bay), antiviral (lavender), antibacterial (chamomile) and keeps the moths out (agrimony). I sprinkle it on mattresses after stripping the sheets. It goes under couch cushions. I dust it on rugs. The trick is [...]

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Herbal Mattress Powder

Spring cleaning is a necessary evil. Blankets need to be aired. Ovens have to be pulled out and wiped under. All that dust in the corners of the closet has to be vacuumed out. It makes our homes and our lives healthier. For all that work, I want to make sure I get a good [...]

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Shower Stall Disinfectant Spray

We take our shower stalls for granted until it's time to clean them. Then all the soap scum and hard water stains become glaring road maps to a challenging Saturday afternoon with a scrub brush. This work can be avoided by thinking ahead. A regular spritz with a shower spray prevents this mess from adhering [...]

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Lavender Goodnight Spritzer Recipe

The isopropyl alcohol in this spray acts as a preservative and helps the essential oils evaporate relatively quickly. In dry climates, like the Mojave Desert, you can reduce the amount of isopropyl alcohol considerably because the spray will be less likely to leave your linens damp. Lavender is a strong disinfectant on its own, so [...]

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Romper Room Air Freshener Recipe

Kid’s rooms can get unpleasantly fragrant fairly quickly. I get nervous about leaving anything children might think to put in their mouths in thier room so I devised this air freshener to clean the room with food safe ingredients that doesn’t actually smell like food. I tried other scent combinations, but this one was the most gender neutral. One squirt will do the job without overpowering a room.

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Antibacterial Soap Recipe

This recipe is designed to deliver antibacterial properties that prevent bacterial infections while not harming the helpful, natural bacteria our skin needs to survive. The trouble with so many commercial antibacterial cleansing products on the market is they kill both harmful and friendly bacteria, which creates imbalance in the body and weakens the immune system. The essential oils in this formula promote health and balance while protecting against the kinds of bacteria that cause infections.

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Three Flower Surface Cleanser Recipe

After the flu or colds have hit a household, viruses can still linger in nooks and crannies. A stagnant odor in the air seems to permeate everything the flu suffer has touched. Fortunately, nature has provided 3 lovely flowers to take care of this problem. Lavender and Yarrow are sweet smelling anti-bacterial and antiviral botanicals and Rose is a soothing astringent that softens the sharp edge of its companions. This recipe has two purposes; to clean the air and the walls or counters in question. The process described is for serious cleaning. Don’t let the lovely name fool you, this mixture is powerful.

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Frugal Fabric Softener Recipe

Fabric softener sold in stores contain a long list of chemicals that are difficult to pronounce. This recipe provides the same results with food grade vinegar and some nice smelling essential oils. I often add a few drops of this recipe onto a rag to clean windows and the washing machine itself. Store bought fabric [...]

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