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Herbal Mattress Powder

Spring cleaning is a necessary evil. Blankets need to be aired. Ovens have to be pulled out and wiped under. All that dust in the corners of the closet has to be vacuumed out. It makes our homes and our…

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Shower Stall Disinfectant Spray

We take our shower stalls for granted until it's time to clean them. Then all the soap scum and hard water stains become glaring road maps to a challenging Saturday afternoon with a scrub brush. This work can be avoided…

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Lavender Goodnight Spritzer Recipe

The isopropyl alcohol in this spray acts as a preservative and helps the essential oils evaporate relatively quickly. In dry climates, like the Mojave Desert, you can reduce the amount of isopropyl alcohol considerably because the spray will be less…

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Locker Room Disinfectant Spray Recipe

This simple blend offers powerful germ fighting power to your workout. Plus, you can safely use it on open wounds or rashes. Ingredients 2 ounces witch hazel 10 drops Tea Tree essential oil 10 drops Lavender essential oil Equipment measuring…

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