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Lavender – Pocket Herbal

Lavendula officinalis/angustifolia – Lamiaceae family According to legend, four thieves were caught in 17th century France. The penalty for theft was normally severe but these thieves were special. Somehow they had been stealing from plague victims for months without getting…

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Dandelion Drawing

Dandelion – Pocket Herbal

Taraxacum officinalis - Asteraceae family To early American colonists, dandelions were carefully tended crops. Europeans brought this ancient food with them to plant in their gardens for use as salad greens, beer bitters, wine base, stockpot roots and vital medicine.…

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Sage – Pocket Herbal

Salvia officinalis – Lamiaceae family In the 800s AD, Charlemagne issued a decree that every farm on crown lands must grow sage “...for the benefit of the nation.” No doubt this French emperor was thinking of the popular medieval saying,…

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Pomegranate Drawing

Pomegranate – Pocket Herbal

Punica granatum – Punicaceae Family Pomegranate has a powerful reputation. History tells of this fruit as food, medicine and potent symbol in myth and legend. Key personalities throughout human culture have used pomegranate to teach valuable lessons to those thirsty…

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Meadowsweet Drawing

Meadowsweet – Pocket Herbal

Filipendula ulmaria – Rosaceae Family To meadowsweet, aspirin is an annoying upstart. The trouble started in 1835 when a German chemist discovered that this graceful European herb contained salicylic, which eased pain. At the time, this information was treated simply…

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