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Licorice – Pocket Herbal

Glycyrrhiza glabra – Leguminoseae Family True licorice is an uncommon treat. It is rare to find licorice candy that is still flavored with licorice root. Most manufacturers use anise or artificial flavorings instead. For Alexander the Great however, there was…

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Flax Drawing

Flax – Pocket Herbal

Linum usitatissimum – Linaceae family Flax is the grandmother of human civilization. Primitive foragers gathered its seed for food. Early Mesopotamians pressed the seed and fed the high protein remains of the seed mash to fatten their cattle. Ancient Egyptians…

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Nutmeg – Pocket Herbal

Myristica fragrans - Myristicaceae family Anyone sailing to the European marketplace in the 1600s with a pouch of nutmeg seeds had his fortune made. This was the heyday of the spice trade when heavily armed armadas fought to defend loads…

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Corn Silk – Pocket Herbal

Zea mays – Graminacaea family One version of a Zuni tribe legend reveals the powerful secrets of corn. It was said that was the magic of the Corn Maidens turned the hearts of the Zuni from war to farming. Their…

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Radish – Pocket Herbal

Raphanus sativus - Brassicaceae Family Radish root may be a gift in the garden but radish seeds are what Chinese physicians list among their favorite herbs. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is important to balance the qi to maintain…

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Horse Chestnut – Pocket Herbal

Aesculus hippocastanum - Hippocastanaceae family Readers of Anne Frank's book, Diary of a Young Girl, may already associate horse chestnut trees with rejuvenation. A tall horse chestnut grew outside the Amsterdam warehouse were she and her family hid from the…

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