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Wild Cherry – Pocket Herbal

Prunus serotina/virginiana – Rosaceae family Wild cherry trees dress up the global landscape. These North American beauties have been prized for centuries for their ornamental value due to their leaf shape, fragrant blossoms and colorful fruit. Wild cherry's classic beauty…

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Misteltoe Drawing

Mistletoe – Pocket Herbal

Viscum album – Santalaceae Family The classic image of the druid is that of a bearded man in a white robe cutting mistletoe out of an oak tree with a golden scythe. The druids revered mistletoe as the most sacred…

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Juniper – Pocket Herbal

Juniperus communis – Cupressaceae family Juniper plays the role of the trickster in the herbal world. Its history is colored with paradoxes. The ancient Greeks started its use innocently enough by brewing the berries into a medicinal liquor. Variations of…

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Narcissus Drawing

Narcissus – Pocket Herbal

Narcissus pseudo-narcissus - Amaryllidaceae Family The healing properties of Narcissus have recently been rediscovered. Although this plant, commonly called daffodil, has a history of use in traditional Japanese medicine, concern over misuse of its toxic properties pulled it off of…

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Iris – Pocket Herbal

Iris versicolor – Iraceae family In 1147, King Louis the VII had a dream. In it, according to legend, he was commanded to adopt the blue iris as the national flower. It stirred him so deeply that he had the…

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Orange Drawing

Orange – Pocket Herbal

Citrus species - Rutaceae family In the 1700s, oranges were at the center of a storm. Thanks to global exploration, citrus and other tropical fruit had increased in popularity. Orange groves were naturalizing well in the Americas so availability was…

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