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Lilac: An Edible and Medicinal Treat

Lilac shrubs have always been one of my favorite signs of spring. Growing up in Eastern Oregon we wouldn't see the blooms until at least May, but here in the Willamette Valley we are blessed seeing them bloom as early…

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Bergamot Essential Oil Properties and Uses

  Essential oil of Bergamot has a deliciously uplifting scent called for in particular when you're feeling down or finding you can't quite seem to kick the blues. This citrus relative has an affinity for regulating or bringing balance to…

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Medicinal Properties and Use of Burdock

Burdock (Arctium lappa) is one of those troublesome weeks that gives more health benefits than most of us generally credit it. Like dandelion, it's got a long taproot gardeners who seek a purely aesthetically landscape find more than challenging to…

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