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Reishi: Intro to Ganoderma lucidum and G. tsugae

Kings, Gods, and Immortaility in the Fungal World...what connects them? A little, woody tree-dwelling fungi commonly known as Reishi. Reishi, or Ling Zhi, has long been considered a Mushroom of Immortality by Traditional Chinese Medicine practiioners because of it's ability…

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Passion Flower, P. incarnata, Quick Facts

Herbal Nerd Society Exclusive Article Passion Flower is the general name for a variety of Passiflora species. Passiflora incarnata is the one most often used by herbalists, although P. edulis is the one that's most commonly known for its fruits,…

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Quick Plant ID: Spearmint

Herbal Nerd Society Exclusive Article Too often, herbalists refer to Spearmint and her close relations as "Mint." It's sad, in my opinion, because the mint family is wide and varied, like the variety you get at a grand family reunion. There's subtle differences between each of them, which gives experts a leg-up when formulating with them.
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Ancient Healer for Digestion, Auto-immune, Respiratory, and More: Licorice

Herbal Nerd Society Exclusive ArticleFor centuries, we humans have had a love-it or hate-it relationship with Licorice. Have you met anyone who doesn't have a strong opinion on the taste of black licorice candy or, for that matter, Jaegermeister? If you've sided with the supporters of this sweet, slightly spicy and oh-so distinctly flavored root, you're not alone...
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