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Crunchy, Munchy Granola 2.0 Recipe

The American Heart Association recommends a Omega fatty acid rich diet in order to protect against heart disease. They also help rebuild cells which supports healthy brain and nerve function. Omega fatty acids are sadly missing in the standard American…

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Natural Breath Freshener: Muhkwas

Muhkwas is the name of the sweet and spicy mix of seeds and spices you'll generally find near the cash register at Indian restaurants. This particular blend won't be as sweet and candied as those you'll find commercially, but it'll…

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Vegetarian Japchae with Fresh Nettle

At The Practical Herbalist's Spring quarterly meeting, we tried our hand at a little Korean cooking. Our version of the classic Japchae dish in this recipe is made with fresh vegetables and herbs, most importantly Nettle. We had a terrific…

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Honey Ginger Salad Dressing Recipe

Most of my refrigerator door is dedicated to condiments. A nice dash of seasoning makes all the difference in bringing out the flavors in a meal. This dressing is a favorite because it serves many purposes: marinade, soup enhancer, bread…

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Chocolate-Dipped, Candied Ginger

There's nothing so fine as a bite of rich, deep chocolate, unless that chocolate is wrapped around a slice of freshly candied ginger. Between the two, you've got a total taste treat that supports healthy digestion and contributes to complete…

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Zucchini Bread Extraordinaire

Zucchini bread is the blessing of summer. It is a quick and filling breakfast as well as satisfying dessert. My problem with most zucchini bread recipes is that they are too sweet, too dry or too nutty. I like the…

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